Slow progress

Wed 26 Jun 2019 15:46
1637 BST 202.6 NM to go to Lizard

Progeress painfully slow although we are making a good speed through water with double reefed main and headsail. We think we could be about level with Fair Isle now? We have made a better angle today and are to the north of her although she is still to east of us.

We just heard a VHF conversation between our old friend SHUNA and another yacht but couldn’t catch the name because we could only here the SHUNA side of the conversation. It sounds like the other boat has steering problems.

It is very unpleasant with strong winds and c hoppy seas. It is times like this when the having a boat being analogous to standing in cold shower ripping up 50 pound notes springs to mind! We think that some of the boats further north than us could be having an even worse time.

Pot noodle for lunch and I doubt anything substantial for dinner in these conditions. Even our daily beer and wine could be disrupted today :-(

We’re hoping for the wind to veer soon so we can tack north and start closing in on Falmouth.