Tue 25 Jun 2019 09:07
0512 BST 346NM to go to Lizard

It’s funny when you get to certain distances to go because they remind you of other passages and make you realise that not that far to go. For instance, our distance to go now - 346NM - is the same distance as Largs to Scilly which we set out on almost exactly a year ago!

Wind has eased a little in past hour but we’re still making around 5 kts. Sunrise not far away and I’m thinking what to make for breakfast.

Mark and I divide the night into 4 chunks of 3 hours: 1st watch 2100 - 2359, 2nd watch 0001 - 0300, 3rd watch 0300 and last watch 0300 - 0600. Each day we rotate who does thefts watch so last night I was 2100 - 2359 and am now on 0300 - 0600. We’ve found this works quite well and we just play it by ear during daytime; normally whoever is on the fist watch gies for a wee sleep during the afternoon. We normally do our satellite access at 1730 and then have a sundowner ( aka a beer) before making dinner. Looking ahead to the rough weather we’ll try and have our steaks tonight and then one to simple food for last few days because we’re expecting a real kicking off very strong easterly winds in the channel; the sting in the tail you might say!

0905 BST

Just made French toast for breakfast and received an iridium message saying we are second behind Fair Isle. Sadly we’re now being pushed north away from our desired course. This is going to be an interesting few days….