1057NM to Lizard waypoint

Thu 20 Jun 2019 06:59
0752 BST 20th 1057NM to Lizard waypoint.

Rory on watch and Mark asleep. Dramatic red sky when I took over from Mark at 0600 this morning; Red sky in the morning and all that. We’re made reasonable progress overnight (4-6 knots with full main sail and spinnaker). Unfortunately we were overhauled by Fair Isle in one of the Rustler 36s. Ertan and Mark and Susie are not far away either. We’re hoping that when the wind strengthens we will be able to get back in contention. It was obvious that Mark and Susie were able to point closer to the wind with us on departure day and they also seem to be able to make better speed under spinnaker further off the wind, whereas we have has to come to starboard further than we’d like to keep the relative wind up to keep moving - “hotting up” as Mark calls it :-)

Food been good. Chicken salad yesterday and the left over curry in evening. Probably should cook the last chicken breasts this evening so will probably pre-make some chicken wraps for when it gets rough later. We’re planning to do some extra securing before the weather turns.