Day 12: Spinnaker ahoy!

S/Y Cherish
Peter Gray
Sun 4 Dec 2016 15:04

With the lighter winds it has been possible to fly the spinnaker off the forward bow. It makes for a wonderfully uplifting sight and helps Cherish glide along in a relatively quick and steady fashion. Not-so-tippy days with the spinnaker billowing. It is launched like a rocket from within a giant tube of a sail cover but comes out like a magical puff of smoke dancing in the wind - usually! One time, we forgot to attach the top of the tube to the head of the sail, so halfway up it ballooned out of the top of the tube,rather than out of the bottom. This led to an almost spectacular mess, but quick reactions from the foredeck crew of Anthony and Will recovered the situation without difficulty. Peter on the halyard was very pleased he was wearing his sailing gloves, though!

The sail requires constant attention as it embraces the wind but after a while sailors learn to dance with it and movements become more automatic. Even in lightish winds of 10-15 its, it requires care - up to 20 kts, the winches are required to trim and beyond that, we would take it down, but haven’t yet had to do that. Like driving, after a while you’re no longer a learner.