Day 10: Eating, a serious pastime - absent friends

S/Y Cherish
Peter Gray
Fri 2 Dec 2016 21:54

Turn taking at the wheel while grubs’ up. From L-R WJ, Will, Ali, Sven. I think it might be the jelly afters. Second photo: Will, Ali, Sven, Chris & Anthony. It was the jelly afters!

Now to the sad story of Jane & brother Paul. That’s Paul, above on the left, with Chris’s cousin, Robert and Anthony, in Segundomielle, our favourite restaurant in Las Palmas. It’s a Peruvian/Brazilian/Japanese fusion restaurant. Absolutely delicious food and just a short walk from the marina. That’s Jane, right, with WJ, in the same restaurant.

Jane and Paul joined us to do the LP to Cape Verde leg, but, as the generator problem caused ever-increasing delay, their return flights from CV to the UK began to look under greater pressure until - in the end - that had to leave us in LP without ever sailing on Cherish. They were so disappointed and we were desperately sad to lose them. It was clear that they had fitted in as crew members and would have been real assets to the passage.

We think of them often, helped of course, by Jane’s excellent chutney - see previous blog and the scary close up of Chris, cole slaw and chutney jar.

We also think of other former crew, each of whom played their part in getting Cherish to where she has so far reached: Justin Haast (proving trip to Alderney) Tom Gray, David Durston, Phil Green and son Ali, Andreas Demetriou, Tom’s GF, Anna Myers, Niall Keelaghan, Carrie Taylor, Claire Taylor (no relation) & Brett Roberts, Ant’s GF, Catrin Page and Douglas Dow. We think of you all and thank you for making the crossing possible! We’re sorry you couldn’t be with us now - but it would then be a little crowded!