Day 7: A quiet sit down

S/Y Cherish
Peter Gray
Fri 2 Dec 2016 20:07

Sven and Will caught a flying fish! Well, it landed in the cockpit on their watch and disappeared. They thought it had gone into a cockpit drain - from which they confidently expected only a smell to emerge in a few days. Fortunately,  it was found on the aft deck two days later! After so much excitement Sven had to sit down with a good book. We have seen a lot of flying fish - they glide rather than fly, as they seek to escape predators. Sometimes, they stay airborne but with just their tail fin in the water, in which attitude they can “fly” for hundreds of metres. Good eating, they say but a little bony, they say. But this one was the only one so far. More fish action to come, later.