Fwd: Day 6: trouble with wind

S/Y Cherish
Peter Gray
Fri 2 Dec 2016 19:59

Unusually the weather is not typical for this time of year and we have been becalmed frequently by lighter winds and/or winds from the wrong direction. Here are happier pictures of Cherish at speed with her mizen staysail billowing, go old girl go! For the technically interested (others, switch off now), Cherish is a ketch. This means she has two masts: the smaller (the mizen), nearer the stern, is located in front of the rudder mounting, otherwise she would be a yawl. The mizen staysail is a balloony sail, the top of which is attached to the top of the mizen, the bottom corner (the tack) to the side deck and the rear corner (the clew) is attached by a rope (sheet) to the end of the mizen mast boom. A great sail for when the wind is coming from the quarter.