Day 8: communication!

S/Y Cherish
Peter Gray
Fri 2 Dec 2016 20:15

During the night watch we spotted another vessel. The AIS (see earlier blog) told us it was a yacht motor sailing. She was 50m which makes her a superyacht. Skipper spoke to her on VHF to check her intentions and confirm she was aware of our position and heading as we were sailing a tight course to make the most of the wind and she was credited to come within 2 miles of us - not dangerously close, so long as they were keeping good look out. She was called Baysian and was heading for Antigua. Her British skipper was keen to chat - it was early morning and still dark; he must have been alone on watch and pretty bored. So Peter and he had a short chat about Cherish, why we were where we were and not outbound from the CapeVerde Islands. Their skipper was interested in the ARC and wished us well. Baysian means to do with probability - the First Mate (Anthony) informed us. We looked her up later and she seems to be owned by a Hedge Fund owner…aptly named!