Mid Pacific, again

Bill and Caroline
Thu 11 Apr 2013 18:29
09:06.42S 124:45.63W

Getting closer now with a mere 842 miles to the Marquesas.

Initial blasé-ness regarding possible fish dishes has diminished and fishing stocks in the Pacific, from our perspective, now appear limited - or maybe it is our ability to find the elusive catch. All lures have been tried and tested and alas, no suicidal squid to bait the lines with. Apparently this may improve when the moon comes out. Thank goodness for our foresight with the corned beef and beans ballast.
Bananas no longer feature in every meal, which is a blessing.
All sails are out every day so we are keeping fit (if not trim) hoisting, trimming, dropping and packing, hoisting, trimming, dropping ...

And finally, Gavin the Gecko was observed sneaking under the coach roof overhang. This gecko is definitely alive and kicking, currently.
We are unaware when he elected to stow away and therefore what his nationality is, but most likely a spanish speaker with think. Fortunately the inspector of flora and fauna on board in Galapagos missed him too.
Now encouraging Gavin to make his way inside with a range of tasty treats lurking in the flour.