Sandy Island, Carriacou

Bill and Caroline
Thu 26 Jan 2012 16:37
We arrived at Sandy Island, Carriacou after a short sail from Tyrell Bay. The island is part of a marine reservation and is one of the most beautiful places we have been. There is no anchoring here, but there are mooring buoys that you can pick up which are charged for per night.  Snorkelling over corals, we have seen so many fish in the reefs including goatfish, cherub fish, red lip blenny, ocean surgeon and tang. The pelicans continually plunge into the water for fish close to the shore. 



We met a boat that we had been with in Puerto de Naos, Lanzarote yesterday afternoon and had the couple (Italian and American) and their 3 crew (2 Russians and 1 Swede) over for dinner. It was lovely to share our experiences of the crossing (very different), and also to catch up with friends.

Bill is now windsurfing between Sandy Island and Paradise Beach on Carriacou as the winds are good, and now seem consistent. You couldn't get a nicer place to windsurf.