Finally away! 32:31.33N 64:36.51W

The Return of Irene III - 2018
Louis Goor
Wed 23 May 2018 13:17
We were sad but relieved to depart the turquoise waters of Bermuda. After
Johnny and Tony smoked their last cigarette ever, we got a great send off
from Carla Burgess, the Customs Chief at St. George. Departing through 'The
Cut' into open water the vista opened up and the challenge ahead became a
reality. Our planned departure early on Monday morning was delayed until
11.30am this morning. It became clear on Sunday night that replacing the
Inverter had not resolved the power related problems that occurred during
the passage from Antigua to Bermuda as an attempt was made to recharge the
batteries using the generator. All of Monday and some four very early hours
of Tuesday morning were spent tracking down the problem with the help of
Oyster in the UK and Mastervolt technical gurus in Holland. The conclusion
arrived at by the Mastervolt guru was that the charger was defunct and
required replacement. We hope that by the time we arrive in the Azores that
a replacement charger will be waiting for us curtesy of Louis back in
Ireland. In the meantime we will use the main engine to charge the
batteries and during Tom's sleeping hours the generator will be run to
permit operation of his ventilator.

With little wind we motor on a course of 015 degrees with the expectation
that we will pick up wind in due course. One of the departure greetings we
received was - "To the ships of the sea and to the ladies of the land, may
the former be stoutly rigged and the latter well manned".