Canaries romp

Nick Mines
Fri 4 Sep 2015 15:56

29 14.400N 013 21.570W

Friday 4th September 2015

Dawn finds us between the islands to the north of Lanzarote having had a wonderful, exhilarating day and night of sailing with the wind on then behind the beam, touching 8 knots at times. On this passage, we were able for the first time to replicate (almost) the crossing circumstances in terms of electricity generation under sail. I am happy to report that with the Watt & Sea hydrogenerator, Air Breeze wind generator and photo voltaic panels, we are comfortably able to keep up with our demand, running all the navigation systems, fridge, freezer and auto pilot. The water maker will draw another 4 amps when that is repaired but I am very pleased with the situation.

Unfortunately the conditions necessitated a change of plan for our evening meal and I just knocked up a simple concoction comprising fried chorizo, onions and garlic with Spanish omelette and baked beans. Surprisingly good given the eclectic composition. Those that know me will identify that all of my creations start with ‘onion and garlic’ and develop from there.

On passage we managed to ‘collect’ two flying fish on deck and we saw a leatherback turtle as we passed him (or her) leisurely paddling away oblivious to our presence..


Stephen writes:

During my pre-watch `snooze’ the sea’s lumpiness took a quantum leap upwards and I was glad that trusty Barry was guiding us through on the 9-1. Hejira shook off all that was throw at her and ploughed on in a way that only the `Viet Gwent’ going through the Cardiff pack on a rainy winter’s evening at Pontypool Park could emulate. The night watch passed with only 2 ships picked up on the AIS both well out of our way.

No fishing was carried out due to Hejira`s speed and our unwillingness to wrestle with an angry tuna on a pitching deck (well you have to have some misplaced, optimism when it comes down to it)

Tonight I will put the crew through an altogether more fearsome test as I am cooking a Chicken Risotto in the pressure cooker (a first) so if the blog goes `off grid’ you will be able to draw your own  conclusions.

Crew bright and breezy today, sick parade deserted.


Bob writes:-

Great sail and what we had all hoped for, despite a lumpy sea as Nick has stated. However, a taste of things to come, we suspect, so a good proving ground.


Barry writes:-

Can’t find Barry.


Having now moored in ‘Lanzarote Marina’ in Arrecife, we have taken the obligatory ‘dirty beer’ and the crew is now dispersed between the showers and who knows where else ?