Nick Mines
Sat 7 Nov 2015 09:12

Saturday 7th November

Our big shop required two large trolleys and we completely emptied the shelves of muesli. I was convinced we didn’t have sufficient stowage for it all but, bit by bit, it all disappeared into the lockers and with only a few fresh items to be bought today, we are pretty well victualed.

We decided between us that we needed a Chinese meal, it being the biggest contrast to what we would be eating on passage so we took an early taxi with the instruction to ‘find us a Chinese’. After driving past several that were closed we were beginning to panic as the ‘Civic reception’ at the TAO Nightclub started at 8.30. We were away from the City centre by now and settled on the taxi driver’s recommendation of a good typically Canarian restaurant which turned out to be very good. Sitting outside we noticed lots of people, dressed in traditional costumes walking by carrying musical instruments. We also smelt charcoal smoke and could hear singing nearby. After the meal we followed the sound and came across a wonderful event which was a real privilege. There were throngs of people in costume gathered in a backstreet confluence where a stage and lights had been rigged. The picture tells the story but there were locals dancing and the atmosphere was joyous !

Description: Description: C:\Users\NickM\Pictures\Sailing\2015\ARC+\Small blog\m_Traditional Las Palmas music.jpg

A taxi ride took us to the Civic reception which was such a contrast. There were some speeches and drinks and nibbles but there was also entertainment – Drag queen, show girls, bizarre naked painted people and a rock band.

Description: Description: C:\Users\NickM\Pictures\Sailing\2015\ARC+\Small blog\m_Drag Queen.jpg


Description: Description: C:\Users\NickM\Pictures\Sailing\2015\ARC+\Small blog\m_Modern Las Palmas.jpg

The noise level nearly made my ears bleed (confirmed old fart!) and it was a very welcome escape to Hejira and an episode of ‘Nighty Nighty’ (Stephen had gifted a box set) which had similarly lewd content ! Unfortunately, revellers were returning noisily to the pontoon up until 4.30 in the morning so it wasn’t the best night’s sleep.


Stephen writes:-

The day of departure draws near and today medication of the crew will begin, with their knowledge of course. Nick who is indestructible will complete the passage `clean` but us mere mortals will have to enlist chemical help to ensure we are able to make a contribution to the cooking rota. Last night’s civic reception was an `interesting` event with very enthusiastic performers, the pictures on this blog do not tell the half of the sights on offer.

Ship`s crew somewhat quieter this morning probably due to the anticipation of tomorrow`s off but they are like coiled springs.


Bob and Barry are both AWOL.