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Nick Mines
Thu 3 Sep 2015 09:22

31 05.640N 015 12.601W

Thursday 3rd September 2015

Having breakfasted to our capacity in the hotel which provided an ‘all you can eat’ buffet of excellent quality and value, we did our final shop and slipped our lines, heading out past the Ilhas Desertas before adjusting our course for the northern end of Lanzarote.

Using a non-slip mat and magnetic chess board, Barry and Stephen were able to lock horns again, Barry gaining the upper hand on this occasion, 1 – 1.

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Serious stuff - Stephen is the one who looks like an extra from ‘Bridge on the River Kwai’.

Bob seemed a little pensive all afternoon and this turned out not to be concerns about keeping his breakfast but apprehension about his turn in the galley where his creation was to be spaghetti carbonara. In the event, the meal was a triumph and this may be a surprise to his family so, after ‘grassing him up’ like this, I think he is likely to find himself spending more time in the kitchen at home – sorry Bob.

While enjoying Bob’s offering, the engine which had been helping us maintain the required pace, spluttered and stopped. While finishing the meal, it occurred to me that this was my fault and I had been very stupid. I has switched the diesel supply from the tank which we emptied on the passage to Madeira to the full starboard tank but I had forgotten to similarly divert the return, a fundamental error and unforgivable as I was fully aware that the engine only uses one quarter of the diesel it pulls from the tank, the remainder being returned. Quite simply, after seven hours, I had effectively pumped the contents of the full starboard tank back into the port tank – what a plonker! Modern diesel engines being more ‘user friendly’ than their predecessors, the injectors did not need to be bled and the engine fired into life after a little churning on the starter motor.

It was soon afterwards that we hooked our second fish although on this occasion we managed to land (boat) it. It was a small tuna and, in that it would not feed all four of us we returned it hoping it would survive the ordeal of the hook extraction. I have always been most successful with the rod at dawn and dusk as I imagine this is when the fish tend to feed but I am prepared to be contradicted on this.


Stephen writes:-

Slipping away from Madeira in the sunshine with no signs of pursuit by orbs we cruised by the well named ‘deserted Isles’ on route again for a mere  three day passage. The afternoon passed swiftly helped in part by the second leg of the ` Hejira Open Chess Championship’ (see above for the combatants in action, I should note that although others may snigger about my headgear, the back of my neck remains unscathed by the ravages of the sun). During our excellent evening carbonara (sorry Bob to enhance your culinary reputation once more) the skipper’s dexterity with fuel valves was demonstrated to the full although his confession is extensive and touching. I believe that had Bob`s carbonara been any less gourmet( sorry Bob, again) we’d have forgiven our tuna his deficiencies in the size department and fallen on him as wolves.

Bob and I spent another companionable night watch under a waning moon with variable winds and intermittent use of the engine. We handed over to the Skipper with Orion off the port bow and hence to our bunks.

The crew are hunky dory and the Skipper`s great toe saga is at an end.


Bob writes:-

Two major milestones…..I conquered my fear of cooking in a bouncing galley and we arose this morning to all three sails pulling marvellously! What we had all been waiting for, the sailing that is. Soon to arrive in the Canaries where we all look forward to another rosé fuelled profound debate on all the world’s philosophers, led by ‘the Doc’, or Isaac as he is now known following his success with the fishing rod.


Barry writes:-

Barry says he is too busy.


As forecast, the wind picked up in the night and we are now ‘bowling’ along under sail alone, what a wonderful contrast !


PS. It’s Stephen’s turn to cook tonight – watch this space!