Nick Mines
Thu 18 Jun 2015 22:06

42 46.584N 009 03.333W

Thursday 18th June 2015

The morning started with a lively sail which even required a reef as we creamed along, touching 9 knots, bound for Bayona.

When the wind disappeared completely, we reached for the engine switch to be greeted by silence. With not enough wind for even steerage and surrounded by reefs we decided to deploy the emergency outboard as an immediate contingency while the situation was investigated. The process of checking the likely culprits proving unsuccessful, and after wallowing for several hours, it was time for a call to Barry to make sure that I would not live to regret the ‘hot wiring’ of the circuits which eventually started the engine to reach our shortened target of Muros.

What a gem we stumbled upon. The harbour master was the most helpful, willing and co-operative individual and soon mustered a specialist engineer to take a look at our problem. Not only did he turn up within half an hour but the harbour master attended to translate. The problem was diagnosed and the engineer disappeared to repair the wiring to a relay and, on his return, we were up and running again.

Time then to explore Muros which, behind the harbour front, was a very quaint, and homely town with a very comfortable feel to it.

Hoping for Bayona tomorrow unless something else contrives to divert us.