Tue 7 Aug 2012 20:01
Today the seventh of August was our third day on board the Naval Service Training Yacht Creidne. Our route continued to take us south on course towards La Coruna. Unfortunately for us the wind was not in favour which forced us to sail port of track. We had technical trouble along the way today which resulted in us losing our engine. Our engine sprung an oil leak and spilled into the bilges during the night. Despite the efforts of the crew, it wasn't possible to recover the engine. This problem did not dampen the mood on board. We were without engines and without wind for a period of time. We sat out on deck and discussed our options in the glorious sunshine. With the spare time on our hands we decided to have swimming stations, unfortunately only 2 personnel managed to enter the water, before a large swarm of jellyfish surrounded the boat, forcing us out of the water! In order to address the mechanical issues we called for assistance of one of our near by patrol vessels.
Evening time brought the wind back and we are underway again, expeecting to get the engine running by midnight. The cadet class continued their Astro Nav training by taking sights of the sun which turned out to be very accurate on the chart. The plan is to take star sights this evening as their are very little clouds in the sky, which is an excellent night for sights. The dinner on board was cooked by all the cadets, Pork cassarole! It went down a treat with clean plates all round. Tomorrow is expected to be another great day on board Creidne with the weather predicted to be beautiful and the sun burning brightly in the sky.