Sun 19 Aug 2012 02:41
Hi all, we are currently heading North form the Bay of biscay. After our extended trip in La Coruna we were all eager to get back out onto the water sailing. The weather has been good, force 6 yesterday with a heavy swell but it has died down today. All the crew have found their sea legs once again and nobody has felt seasick. Although we were late to start the race due to the weather, we are not alone in the Bay of Biscay. There were another five crews who took to the seas on Friday.We are making good progress with only 243nm miles to run, making a speed of on average 6.5 knots. We are able to keep in regular contact with these other yachts via radio to check their progress.
     Life onboard has been uneventful. The cadets continue to develop their astronavigation skills whilst furthering their sailing knowledge. But the learning is not confined to just the maritime area of study, our cooking skills are also been put to the test. Tonight we hope to cook shepards pie.
    With each day onboard the Creidne we are becoming more confdent in the sail training. But this evening when the bilge alarm went off, it was evident that not only do you need to be competent in sailing. But you must also know the yacht inside out to ensure that no preventable incidents will arise.  
    Tomorrow hopefully we will have more wind and we will be able to put up the spiniker. I have heard that no sailing trip is complete without using the spiniker so I look forward to seeing the effects of the spiniker. This however is all weather dependent as is everything when out on the seas so hopefully Jean Byrne will have some good news for us tomorrow!!!