Mon 20 Aug 2012 14:59
Greetings from Irish waters!!  After a quiet nights sailing of clear skies maintaining a speed of over 6knots we crossed the finish line at 15.30. The clear sky allowed the cadets to put their astronavigation skills in use taking a star sight each.
Todays sail allowed for the use of the spinniker. Many hands were used up on deck in the rigging of the spinniker as many crew members were being introduced to the spinniker for the first time. It was a great sight the green spinniker with the Irish emblem of the harp defining the Navy, unfortunately the Casa Maritime Patrol Aircraft arrived too late to take our photo.
    All of the crew are currently up on deck eagerly awaiting phone reception as we are now only 12nm from land. It is hard to believe that we are only 12 nm off Irish waters as the weather is hot and sunny.Our Irish Summer has finally arrived!!
Tonight the plan is to come alongside in Rosslare for some much needed RandR.
However the crew seem to be all in agreement that the passage back has been very enjoyable.