Pre departure

Thu 16 Aug 2012 21:46
Creidne is fueled, water & food embarked, engine serviced, fuel filters changed ( Oisin & I never want to see that engine compartment again) and sails repaired.  we are ready for the off, 0730 departure tomorrow morning.  Five yachts remain of the original fleet and we will all cross the start line tomorrow, the official start was last tuesday evening.  Storm force 10 winds and 6m plus seas were experienced by the fleet that sailed earlier in the week,  One being swept overboard, but thankfully we hear he was airlifted and is recovering well ashore.  BZ to the rescue services.  We expect 20-25 knots of wind from the south west to south tomorrow but this will drop off to nothing half way home.  Perhaps we will be lucky and get a little more.  Our little flotilla will race each other 150 NM north of A Coruna, the  last yacht will be required to make and present the winner a trophy from what they can find onboard.  We expect to be motering the final 1/3 rd of the course, but will be in Dublin for the Tall ships week end, perhaps overnighting in Wicklow on route.  To all our readers, family and friends we are well in good spirits and have enjoyed A Coruna and the challege of Ocean sailing so far. To my closest friend HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  To our WEU and technical friends that helped us get the HF radio and Sat phone ready they are both exceeding are expectation VMT.  PS The Navtex is still ...Goosed.  Time to go sailing.... bring it on.