We must be getting closer...

Carla and Richard
Mon 27 Jun 2011 04:16
to the UK - it has rained for the last 12 hours and despite my 3 pairs of thermal trousers and 5 jumpers I was still cold whilst doing my deck night shifts.  Nonetheless I am indeed remembering that this could be a whole lot worse - we could have no autohelm and we could be totally headed by the wind...clouds and silver linings and all that.
 at 5.15 on 27 June our position was 47:23N 14:46W - the wind is NW (19 degrees) and 17 knots.
Our COG is 064 degrees and the bearing to our waypoint just outside Falmouth is 067 degrees, so looks like we could make it on this tack - tick! Maintaining a speed of roughly 6 knots - could be a bit better, but tick!