Carla and Richard
Mon 13 Jun 2011 10:06
Saturday 11 June
Just had a motifying realisation that we will not get to the Azores until Tuesday maybe Wednesday - looks like we will have to share our champagne with Mum and Amy!  Although to be fair I am not sure champagne is going to do the trick...a bottle of vodka might do it!!
Wildlife watch update
Unfortunately not had any recent sightings, I think it is because we are beating and it seems to be when we are going downwind that the dolphins like to play at the bow. (Goodness I bet Attenborough did not have to deal with these kind of problems!)
We are beating into a SW F3/4, we tacked so that we are much closer to our course and are able to make 255 degrees - which feels less demoralising as it feels like we are making definate progress towards the Azores. We have had to change the screen on the GPS so that we cannot see every time we go down how much further we have got left!  After over 24 hours of beating it is getting a bit tiring, just moving from one side of the boat to the other feels like you are doing an assault course, in particular climbing across the monkey bars that you used to have in parks.