Carla and Richard
Fri 10 Jun 2011 09:22
Thursday 9 June
I can honestly say I enjoyed myself for the first time today... this evening i was being gently pushed along by the wind only 5 knots NE the sunset on one side of me and the moon on the other and dolphins playing at the bow - don't mind if i do!
We have already seen at least 5 or 6 different sets of dolphins. Dad said dolphins must be to the Azores what dogs are to England!  At least now you know the association of the Azores and dolphins plugged by the tourism board is not false advertising.
It is 5.00am on Friday and we are in a hole again and have been for the last few hours however, this is a pleasant hole - the air is warmer and dolphins keep popping by to say hello so my tolerance level is much higher in comparison to last time when I was sat soaking in relentless rain!  The wind is due to fill in soon and when it does we will reach for a short while and then we will be beating the rest of the way to the Azores.  All of which will done in light winds, so at this stage it looks like we should arrive on Monday.