Re: Into the Ionian

Sun 31 Jul 2022 15:31

Our voyage is on the final chapter. We transited the Straits of Messina today, catching the southbound morning tide. We were enthralled by the swordfishing boats- helmed by the spotters up a 20m mast and with a 30m bowsprit for the harpoon thrower. Kate will post the photos on her insta feed.

A quick pit stop for sail repairs - our brand new mainsail has almost worn through at the clew fitting. The ever resourceful Tom soon fixed it with some sailmakers twine & a needle and palm. Also our genoa furler keeps jamming, so your truly was hoisted up our 20m mast to investigate. It seems that the foil end stop has failed and half worn away and the swivel is grating & binding - perhaps a dose of fresh water will help when we get to Greece, or maybe a job for a rigger.

We are now into the Ionian Sea, en route to Preveza, about 260 miles to the north east. A fresh northerly wind is forecast for tomorrow, so we will hug the coast of Italy (the boot) until Preveza bears due east, hopefully giving us a cracking sail to finish our voyage on Tuesday morning.

SV Betsy

Noon position Sunday 31st July 2022

38.05.13N 15.36.65E