D Day is here!

Wed 13 Jul 2022 06:42
Hello everyone

Well at last our refit is complete, we are stored and almost ready to go - just a few last minute jobs & errands to do this morning before our lovely friends Tom & Julia join us this afternoon.

The WX (forecast) for the English Channel & Biscay looks good for the next 2-3 days, with favourable light winds, although further out it looks very light off Finistere. With fuel at £300/ day, we plan to sail as much as possible - who cares if it takes a few days longer?

So Greece, here we come, it’s 2421 nautical miles from Plymouth to Preveza & we hope to be there in 18 - 21 days if all goes well.

We will try and update the blog daily, but don’t be alarmed if we are having too much fun and miss a day or two! I’m sure the Communications & Fisheries Officer will write something on here soon.

Love to all

SV Betsy

Position 50. 21. 574N 4.07.237W