“Gentlemen don’t sail to windward ”

Mon 18 Jul 2022 14:41
……..has always been the saying on our boat, as it’s slow, wet and uncomfortable. But sometimes there’s no choice on a long passage and if you’ve been following our track on a live tracking app you will see today’s zig-zags along the Portuguese coast. As I write the wind is freeing us, setting up for an easy downwind passage to Cape St Vincent (they SW corner of Portugal). The dilemma over whether to stop for fuel before Gibraltar is still there and will depend on the WX over the next 48 hours.

Oh and George (our brand new Raymarine autopilot) has packed up again and won’t play at all now. We think it needs a software update, so good job Kate has decided she likes helming! We can use Henrietta (our wind powered self steering)after Gib - not before as I’m keeping her in reserve until we are through ‘Orca Alley’, in case we need emergency steering!

Love to all


SV Betsy

Noon position Monday 18th July 2022

40.10.56N 9.36.90W