Harwich to Eastboune

Derek Parish
Fri 22 May 2009 10:13

A send off meal was arranged at the Pier Hotel Harwich




We left Harwich Thursday 0200 hrs  motored out to Land guard  buoy  had a favourable wind to sail out to Long sand Head then headed due south, the wind was around 15 knots Andiamo lifted her skirt and flew. We were averaging  9 knots, SOG the sun was shining.


 We passed the new wind farm being constructed  at Thanet and were about 3 miles past the site and 2 miles inshore of it , when we were radioed by the Guard Tug to alter our course by 20 degrees we could not understand why as we were well clear of and outside the exclusion zone , we guess he was having a slow day !!



As we were passing the Goodwin Sands  into the English Channel proper, the wind was” bang on the nose”  at around 19 knts and the tide was against us .We beat for a bit and headed towards Eastbourne to stay the night.




Lots a Ferries going in and out of Dover , but not as busy as Alan has seen before.





Locking into Eastbourne.