Fwd: Ready to Move Again...

The Yukon Blind..... Canoeing the 'Big River'
Team "Imtiaz and Howard"
Fri 1 Jul 2011 10:32
Ready to Move Again…
We must have been supposed to stay on our island the two nights, because late morning after the rain based decision was behind us, it cleared up to be a great afternoon. It was one of those 'boy to boy' inspirational chat days, so sorry nothing for the blog, unless you have that special paid, premium membership...! Haha....
It was a very special day, the ones that only happen when the wilderness and timelessness come together in an environment of trust, to allow freedom of thought and speech.

It would seem the day's chats inspired Imi to new heights, here is his Reflection Insight for the day:

Metaphysical Musings on the Innocence of Nature and Might being right.

The innocence of Nature is displayed by the predominance of the healthy and mighty in wild nature. Rats, cockroaches, fungi in filthy, crowded, cities, but not in wild, rugged nature. Wild nature reveals splendid specimens of health and strength, like the bears and moose, lions and tigers, eagles and swans. In the human world innocence is lacking because the weak through wiles and cunning, through technology and money can win and predominate.

Nature has a moral lesson for us:

Might is indeed right, but real might, real strength, real fitness, real self reliance, not the right that comes with cunning and artifice.

I do not condemn wars and battles if laws of chivalry enable those truly mighty to win. Our wars are depraved because even the weak in body and spirit can win out.


It's a glorious cloudless, blue sky morning, pretty cold though...those clouds do have use! We both can't wait to get back on the river...6-7 hours paddling ahead, and no doubt a few stories for you tomorrow ....

Finally, we received lots of feedback on the moose story...Thanks, and glad it moved so many, making connections with your lives. I guess the whole story was metaphorical, in reliving for Howard, his solo, 'Simply Adventure' journey 'down the river' that started in 2004, when he sold up and left Sydney for a wandering adventure life! (Just in case you thought he was losing it, in thinking animals were creatures with higher level vision and desire!)

More tomorrow, maybe even a meeting with that moose to confirm her mission....!

H + I