Change of Routine Brings New Experiences

The Yukon Blind..... Canoeing the 'Big River'
Team "Imtiaz and Howard"
Tue 28 Jun 2011 23:22
Change of Routine Brings New Experiences
62:55.048N, 139:09.692W

Short blog today...!

It's 10am and we are both still in bed, Imi asleep...! Lazy boys, or tired ones...?

The latter. We went ahead with our 'through the night' plan, ending up paddling from 10pm to 4 30am. Yesterday around midday, after a short paddle, we took the opportunity to use a marked campsite on the map, so we could have an afternoon sleep as we prepared our mind and bodies for the routine change.

With a shaded tent area, old cabin from the mining days, the campsite initially appeared perfect, but this was the start of the biggest mosquito war seen for decades! Being our first non-island camp, and the fact that we were there during midday / early afternoon made it worse. I guess the mozzies did force us into our tents, which is where we were supposed to be for sleep. I was woken with a strange animal noise and rustling near my tent. I bolted outside to find a sizeable porcupine scuffling off, and climbing the nearest tree to 'safety'.

Earlier in the day, while paddling, we were treated to a flyover by six trumpeter swans, in formation and even trumpeting so Imi could enjoy the experience.

The evening's paddle was full of variety and challenges. The weather was all over the place. We started in perfectly still, but cloudy conditions, and it was just special being out in the low light of midnight. We then had everything from strong spiraling winds, confused by the high and close mountain terrain, to rain and dense fog. It also got pretty cold making our food breaks short and functional. It never got night dark, and with all the cloud we missed the moon, but did have quite a few beaver encounters. They must be early risers.... One dived off the river bank only to surface right next to Imi in the canoe. Surprised and shocked it gave a huge tail kick, dowsing Imi as it hurriedly swam away...

Around 4am, I suggested we find a camp spot, and with our objective accomplished, I was not in disagreement that a warm sleeping bag would be a good option! So here we are....

We plan to set off paddling again at around 1pm today, so Dawson City, its saloons and high life is getting rapidly closer...

Cheers for now

H + I