logo The Yukon Blind..... Canoeing the 'Big River'

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Team "Imtiaz and Howard"

One American, and one South African

River Canoe


One blind man's Dream, and one sighted man's Dream to help that Dream

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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Jul 2011
Sun 03 Jul 08:45 Our Arrival in Dawson City 64:03.73N 139:26.14W
Fri 01 Jul 20:27 Moose, Bear, it's not over yet... 63:36.90N 139:45.35W
Fri 01 Jul 10:32 Fwd: Ready to Move Again...
Jun 2011
Thu 30 Jun 13:52 A Day in Bed Thinking...! 62:46.07N 137:19.57W
Tue 28 Jun 23:22 Change of Routine Brings New Experiences 62:55.05N 139:09.69W
Mon 27 Jun 23:57 A Short, Hot, Windless Day Produces a Special 'Moose' Moment! 62:48.53N 138:08.68W
Sun 26 Jun 00:42 Our Best Wildlife Day 62:46.07N 137:19.57W
Sat 25 Jun 01:13 Rapids, Sun, Swimming...Island Paradise 62:22.40N 136:30.20W
Fri 24 Jun 09:28 A Great Rest Day!
Thu 23 Jun 23:30 From a Different Environment…back to civilisation! 62:06.63N 136:16.03W
Wed 22 Jun 14:47 Day 5: A Big Day... 62:03.05N 135:35.67W
Tue 21 Jun 10:34 Day 4: Four Seasons in One Day 61:45.24N 134:57.08W
Mon 20 Jun 21:37 Finally the Real Yukon... 61:23.52N 135:13.53W
Sun 19 Jun 17:59 What a Difference a Day Makes 61:23.52N 135:13.53W
Sat 18 Jun 18:10 End of Day 1 61:16.05N 135:11.86W
Thu 16 Jun 12:00 The Start Point 60:58.00N 135:08.00W