Sweet Dreams
Roz Preston /Ed Phillips
Tue 4 Oct 2022 09:37
Tuesday 4th October, Nazare Marina.
On Sunday we were joined by Dick Phillips, our great friend and Boatbuilding teacher, who will be with us all the way to Grenada. We are planning to head out tomorrow to Porto Santo, a trip that will take almost 5 days, so today we are getting everything ready for our longest offshore passage to date. Exciting! Yesterday we explored a bit more of Nazare which boasts the biggest waves in the world, caused by a deep Atlantic ravine, depths over 4000 metres, which ends just 600 metres from the shore. Ed’s surfer blood was up, but all we have on board is an inflatable kayak and a model surfboard made by one of the children from a neighbouring boat so it was not to be. Anyway here is a picture of the view from the point at Nazare.

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