Flip flops

Sweet Dreams
Roz Preston /Ed Phillips
Thu 27 Oct 2022 10:37
Here we are in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, mustering ahead of the start of the ARC+ rally (Las Palmas to Grenada in the Caribbean via the Cape Verde Islands). Our ETD is November 6th but the programme started with check in and drinks yesterday and a visit to the sailmakers who are doing a couple of small repairs for us.
On pontoon K we are in company with a number of the large Catamarans. It’s interesting to get a glimpse of how the other half live - 56” TV screens, mood lighting, 3 storey living. I’m sure there is a jacuzzi on the top deck of one of them.

JPEG image

Otherwise it’s an international presence here, our neighbours are Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, American…fewer Brits than I had imagined. We are slowly getting to know other crews but there is less camaraderie than I had hoped for. That should change as we get nearer to departure.
Meanwhile, flip flops. No, not the state of government in the UK, the ones that torture the feet. They are the footwear of choice on the dock, you’re not in the game if you’re not wearing them, but I’m sorry, they are just not comfortable. My feet were not made for flip flops. However I’m persevering, flip flopping around in varying stages of agony while I try to persuade my toes that this is a good thing. Perhaps by the time we get back I’ll be flipping and flopping with the best of them, but right now….ouch.

JPEG image

It’s hot and sunny every day in Las Palmas. Sorry!

Sweet Dreams out.

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