Day 1

Russ Altendorff
Thu 19 Nov 2015 13:06
  27.27.86N 015.06.24W
1130 -  19 Nov 2015

All is well.

Sea moderate; no clouds; blue sky; 25 Deg C;

Pete has lost his glasses once so far; after much swearing they were located under the sink....he tells me he is keeping his own blog ...see set the record straight.

Just like being in prison meal times takes on a special importance. Yesterday was Rogan Josh; today it will be Chicken Sag. A pattern is emerging. Soon we will be trading cigs and marking notches on the wall by our bunks.

We even had a hot shower this morning - you have to manage this sitting down - makes for interesting shower cubicle technique. I am sure I will get better as the bruises heal.

All for now.