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Date: 28 Apr 2012 23:29:00
Title: Refit over at last!

50.47.94N 001.07.10W
There are a myriad of things to survey, fix or add to get a boat ready for long distance cruising – on top of which the World Cruising Club who run Rally Portugal, specify 3 pages of items just to do with safety. Gosport Boat Yard was entrusted with the work of getting Enterprise ship shape and fit for ocean going duty.
What can I say about the experience? On timescale – start Feb 11th completed 28th April (after about 2 man weeks work!) On the list - many things were replaced; added; upgraded; oiled; tightened; cleaned; serviced and poured over. On dealing with marine engineers, riggers, electricians, shipwrights - much chin stroking; sucking of breadth through teeth; dire warnings; head shaking and muttering. On the experience - it has been taxing, worrying, pleasing, exciting, frustrating, annoying, funny, an education.
If you really want to, you can see more details of the refit here: http://sventerprise.wordpress.com/moody-44/refit-2012/
We are totally exhausted!

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