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Aaron Carotta - rowing around the world.
Thu 30 Dec 2021 03:37
Thanks to the crew onboard the Emerald Spirit a successful food resupply was received. Hailed by the 11th ward from the USCG, I am now stocked with what looks like Christmas white bags from Santa full of snacks and energy food to make it eastward to a port and fix the needed items with Smiles as I continue to asses. There is a strong south with coming I am racing to get just east of to keep me in land it looks like 60 miles from here should make it if done by Sat. I am so grateful to my friends and the team who allowed me to successfully keep my vessel from being abandoned and make use of my effort to survive the last 10 days on fumes. Lots of footage and details to share coming soon, thank you again to all involved. Christmas came in many ways this years and I will continue to pay it forward in kind as requested by Emerald too.