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Aaron Carotta - rowing around the world.
Fri 17 Dec 2021 10:47
Feeling like the smartest kid in the dumb row being in the blind leading the blinds thru the confused seas with no plotter,I am starting to wonder if it’s not only the seas that are confused. Smiles is pointed east, basically 45 degrees sideways to the 15-20 foot swells with the winds from the 90 degree angle out of the north and somehow my AIS IS SHOWING a current direction for us to be 1.5 kt backwards. (SW). I am certain it’s these currents as it looks like the dominator when drifting to try to get some rest from the 20 hour day on the high seas but at this point, I am going to let it go to the next patch if favorable currents taking me back where we need to be just south, I think… POS. 20 56.841N 108 09.662W