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Aaron Carotta - rowing around the world.
Sun 19 Dec 2021 20:53
Being Sunday and my journey a quest to See, just wanted to post the awakenings on this journal, normally I am hesitant to share with the idea it would offend others. Please don’t take this for anything more than one mans personal quest to signify the term See as a spiritual perception, summed up by many as the capacity to apprehend the true nature of being many of us may lack. To me it’s adventure and purpose of them, as each time I get closer to God and understand what others may SEE when they make the sign of the cross in their church, point to the sky on stage in front of the millions they perform in front of, or take a knee after a score for their team. Hoping the fall of man is eliminated by my adventure to row my boat under the will of god reflecting on the beatitudes ‘blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God’ it’s coming together now.