Getting closer

Sailing Joia
Stuart Jackson
Sun 5 Dec 2021 13:05
A great day of sailing yesterday was followed by another of Sue’s wonderful dinners (sausage and pesto pasta again).  We eat our dinner out of mugs to avoid spillage from the rolling, and we drink our wine ration from the steel expresso cups we have on board.  
After nightfall we were subjected to brutal series of around a dozen squalls with heavy rain and winds up to 35 knots.  The first one took us by surprise and needed some desperate action to get things under control.  After that, we we able to carefully pick our way through the worst of the remaining storms using the Quantum doppler radar.  Andy did an excellent job of steering and Paul Ainsworth has become an expert in operating the radar so he is the one we turn to for guidance in those situations.  Overall an exhausting night with most of us soaked at least once.
Still, we survived and today we will pick up the pieces. 
650 miles to go 14:44.4N 49:44.4W