Chasing Venus

Sailing Joia
Stuart Jackson
Sat 4 Dec 2021 11:25
When I start my evening watch at 8pm each night, I see Venus directly ahead (it looks like a shooting star in the photo because of the rolling of the boat).  It is comforting to see that heavenly body leading and accompanying us into the night.  I can understand why sailors in earlier times imagined such fantastic stories about her.
This morning we are on course for St. Lucia with good winds.  All the various repairs we made over the past few days seem to be holding up, including substituting and rerouting the jib furling line, re-splicing the main furling line and using a lifeline cable fish a line through the cabin top.
It is getting very warm now - only T-shirts at night, even with 20 knots of wind.  We are looking forward to another great day of sailing ahead.
14:33.3N 46:24.9W