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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Jul 2015
Fri 03 Jul 03:58 Finish line 50:10.8N 005:03.02W 50:10.80N 5:03.02W
Wed 01 Jul 15:00 Wednesday (Day 8) On the Continental Shelf 48:41N 9:10.3W 48:11.00N 9:10.30W
Jun 2015
Tue 30 Jun 15:08 Tuesday (Day 7) 47:40N; 11:33W 47:40.00N 11:33.00W
Sun 28 Jun 18:24 Sunday 28th June 2015 44:21N; 17:5W 44:21.00N 17:05.00W
Sat 27 Jun 23:57 Saturday 27 June 2015 43:17N; 20:03W 43:17.00N 20:03.00W
Fri 26 Jun 23:43 Day Three 42:08N; 23:06W Sunshine and light winds 42:08.00N 23:06.00W
Thu 25 Jun 18:07 Day Two - Found some wind N40:33; W24:13 40:33.00N 24:13.00W
Wed 24 Jun 17:25 Day One 38:43N; 25:56W 38:43.00N 25:56.00W
Tue 23 Jun 15:08 Leaving Ponta Delgada 37:42.90N 27:40.00W
Sun 14 Jun 08:39 Eighth Day - ARRIVAL - AZAB Race 37:43.9N 25:40W 37:42.90N 25:40.00W
Sat 13 Jun 13:01 Seventh Day (and no rest) at sea - AZAB Race 38:57N 24:16W 38:57.00N 24:16.00W
Fri 12 Jun 13:00 Sixth Day at sea AZAB Race 40:37.31N 21:46.7W 40:37.31N 21:46.70W
Thu 11 Jun 14:27 Fifth Day at sea AZAB Race 42:10N 19:21W; 42:10.00N 19:21.00W
Wed 10 Jun 13:09 Fourth Day at sea AZAB Race 44:04N 17:08W; 44:04.00N 17:08.00W
Tue 09 Jun 11:24 Third Day at sea AZAB Race 45:56N 14:26W 45:56.00N 14:26.00W
Mon 08 Jun 13:42 Second Day at sea AZAB Race 47:36.00N 11:05.00W
Sun 07 Jun 11:22 24 Hours in to AZAB Race 49:00N 7:00W. 11.10 UT to 11.10 UT 49:00.00N 7:00.00W
Sat 06 Jun 10:10 Saturday 6th June 2015 - Start of AZAB 2015 50:08.68N 5:03.02W