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Date: 09 Jun 2006 18:42:14

Hi folks
Arrived back in Plymouth this morning at 0880hrs after leaving Falmouth at 1200 Hrs the previous afternoon. I decided on a anchor stop over to try and catch up on some sleep which I did Unfortunately last nights sail of 20 hours has left me even more tired. The problem was easterly winds and too much tide.
never mind bedded down for tonight and ten on the way into lyme bay tomorrow will probably kedge up somewhere as the tide turns and then carry on on Sunday.
Hydro vane engineers have been superb and met me in Plymouth this morning and we have updated all the steering mechanism for the self steering system. It has been a learning curve for them as well as me with this gear.
Well that all for now folks other than to say in sailing the storm last night my digital camera phone got knocked out of it's holder by a particular nasty wave and has broken. First time ever I've had a wave come over the bow and cover the whole boat must have been the seventh of the seventh syndrome. So no pictures for a while. More later

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