First day at sea...

Sail In Libertad
A O Jaunsen
Sun 21 Jan 2018 15:30
27:39.600N 021:09.70W

We have passed our first 24 hours at sea and left 180nm of ocean behind us. Morale is good and we have seen no traffic what so ever. Leaving La Palma we passed through the acceleration zone (AZ) at the southern tip of the island, as we expected. Winds in the AZ were 30-35 knots and we were overpowered with a full main, as we postponed reefing expecting to get out of the zone within an hour. Turning NW we soon left the strong wind zone and reefed our main.

We had delicious fajitas with veggie-lasagna and every meal is a refreshing experience for all seven of us! We are very lucky to have some good cooks among the crew.

The night was mostly calm with 16-20 knots of wind. Tacking is a larger job with boom preventers (foreguys) both on the inside and the outside of the stanchions. During the night Tom and Andreas also replenished one of the fuel tanks with a jerry can that was leaking (diesel smells bad). Problem solved. Apart from resting/sleeping the crew is doing a great job on their watches, cleaning and smaller repair jobs.