Blog Update - All Well

Ian Redwood & Laura Brown
Wed 23 Mar 2022 08:58
08° 12.5’ S 110° 23.900’ W 

22nd March 2022 - 02:47 Hrs 

Hi - all is well here.  We are now over half way from leaving Panama to arriving in French Polynesia.  We have had some great messages from you via email - thank you.  Unfortunately, we have serious issues with our communications package and its support.  The upshot is - that we have been unable to reply to some of your lovely emails.  In fact we have replied to most of them but we are unclear as to what has actually been sent and received.  We know mail is not getting through - for example we have made several Blog updates (we’re now up to Blog Entry 14) but we hear that so far you can only see upto Blog Entry 8 (Crossing the Line).  Please accept our apologies if you’ve been worried about us - but please do not worry - we are all good here.  

So this note is just to tell you that we are very much alive and making progress.  We will try to sort out the Blog entries that have not appeared.  Our planned arrival date in Nuku Hiva is somewhere around 5th April with luck and a fair wind.  However, we could easily be a few days later.

Love from Ian and Laura