First blog entry - Shelter Bay Panama (All previous entries are co-ordinates only)

Ian Redwood & Laura Brown
Sat 19 Feb 2022 15:45

18th Feb 2022.  First Blog Entry.  9:22.0181N 79:57.054W



We wanted to create a web space that would allow friends and relatives to see our progress.  You will be able to see our journey on the chart and it will update in the near future by satellite phone (fingers crossed).   We had plenty of work backdating our track and putting in 3+ years worth of co-ordinates.  We have charted our journey from buying and refitting RaLa in Greece in September 2018 to our current location….Panama.  In many respects this location is a pivotal moment.  Tomorrow, we enter the canal to start our transit to the Pacific Ocean.  This is a turning point for us – as it is for any sailor, it’s a significant commitment.  We have spent a lot of time preparing for our voyage into the Pacific.  It’s a big ocean and we have to get ready for about 30 days at sea.  This will get us about half way across, but from the half-way point we will be island-hopping all the way.  Our first destination, the Marquesa Islands, is 3900 miles away.  They are small and remote with little opportunity to buy spares and all the other things that are at the end of a click with Amazon in the western world.  As you can imagine 30 days at sea is a lot of food and water and will provide us with a challenge, we don’t have a freezer and we will rely upon catching fish for protein. 


We will update this page as we can – providing it holds any interest for you.  Let us know via facebook or emails.  We will place details of how to write to us on Facebook but not here!  We have to be careful on this open blog with revealing any email addresses etc as it is known to attract the spammers!


 A boat on the water

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