Saturday 22nd June

Sat 22 Jun 2019 16:05
The bustling spinnaker leg lasted until midnight Thursday when rising wind
and sea made it prudent to get rid of it at the change of watch when we were
both on deck. So some 36 hours which helped tremendously after torrid
Yesterday was a slowish day with the wind all over the shop. However, bang on time at
0300 this morning a rattling good F5-6 set in from a generally SW direction.
To keep headsails drawing we've had to broad reach to the NNE planning for a
future NW wind that will drive us back down on course. Been trundling
along all day at 7-8 knots under yankee, staysail and 2 reefs in the main.
Steak and kidney pie for dinner this evening, then slip back into the night
watch routine.