Saturday 1800

Hanse 540
Sat 11 Dec 2010 18:27
14.20.92N 54.27.48W

Friday night the wind died again below 8 knts but the sea remained rough, the boat just will not sail down wind in these condition with white sails, many sail combination tried and tried , in the end gave up at 7am and went to bed.

Put up Pink geneker this morning, but it got ripped on a sharp fitting up the mast , we suspect the failed parts. Looks too difficult to repair at sea (sorry jasper) but not too difficult for the sailmakers.

So the only sail left Code 0 went up, not really meant for downwind , but we got it to work, then came loads of squals and lots of wind so it came down and normal sails back up....

As I wite another squall and loads of rain, tony is having wash on deck..

Gues fish

We expect to finish Monday last

no emails today !!! 11 beers left,

best john