Re: Day 6 and we want our money back,

Hanse 540
Sat 27 Nov 2010 03:58
16.21.09N 21.46.42W
Saturday 03.45 AM
For our first Atlantic crossing we told to expect 20-25 kn trade winds, so far we have had  either light or no wind.
Our course is based on go south until the butter melts and then turn right, we have  added or until we  catch a fish. Big one escaped today according to Charles.
Our plan to go east of Verde Islands still looks ok , although we expect 36 hours of light winds on Sun/Mon , but  we remain confident we will be in a great position for when the wind arives Tuesday.
Tony hs been practising in the kitchen today , all the fire alrms went off !!
Charles spotted a demasted yacht and we diverted to investigate , no one was on board , it was a sad sight.
We all had a wash today , much needed, water remains precious though.
hot here !