Thu 18 Dec 2008 08:24
Happy christmas everyone as you can see from our site we are now in Phuket and have been over to Bangkok for a couple of days it was smoggy and full of life (you get used to saying I don't want a taxi, put put or a suit made to measure) however the people are the friendliest smiling people we have seen so far on our trip. Whilst in Bangkok we took a tour for the day, and had a tour guide all to ourselves, Thailand tourism unfortunately has been hit very hard, there have been advisories from the British, Australian and New Zealand governments warning tourist not to visit.especialy with the blockade of the airport, It was very sad to see very small groups of tourist with one guide. We visited some beautiful Buddha temples as well as The Grand Palace and the reclining Buddha. (The main landmarks of Bangkok)We plan to visit India instead of the Maldives as we have already seen atolls in the pacific and the reports from the previous rallies suggested that unless you go to Male 200 miles out of the way there are very limited shops to re provision.