09.07.2013 - 20.07.2013 Huahine, Raitea, Bora Bora

Mon 8 Jul 2013 23:00
9th July
We Arrived back at the boat in huahine after an amazing couple of weeks at home and short stay in Paris on the way back which was really special. 
Charlie and arn kindly collected us from the airport and we went for a drive around the island. This is one of the more unspoilt islands, very beautiful with a large clear lagoon. It's great to be back. We had our first BBQ on the beach in the evening.

10th July
Today our Parents arrived in huahine to join us on the boat for the next ten days. We are looking forward to spoiling them! 

11th July
We Took the parents out on the rib for a tour of the island and stopped at a bar for some drinks. 

12th July
We Spent the day relaxing with the parents on the boat and swimming. ' It's a tough life but someone's gotta do it'

13th July
We set sail for raitea today which is about 25 miles from hahine. The wind really got up last night so the sea was pretty much as rough as it gets....not a great intro to sailing for Roy and Wenners. Poor Roy was seasick but Wenners was fine. The weather is not so good today so we anchored in the most sheltered part of the island we could find to get a good nights sleep.

14th July
Today the Parents hired a car to go round the island while We tried to anchor at a dive spot but weather was too bad so we ended up back where we started. Paul Charlie and arn did end up diving during the afternoon where they saw a great hammerhead ( a big one) and lots of other sharks which Charlie was v excited about! We met the parents at a lovely bar in a hotel where it seemed very difficult to explain what a white wine spritzer was....Lynsey ended up with a large glass of wine + a sprite!

15th July
As the weather improved we Sailed to bora bora today and met up with the guys from skimpy who are leaving today. It's the first time we have seen them since the kidnapping incident so was great to catch up with them. This place really is as beautiful as the photos we have seen. The sea is crystal clear and so so blue! We have anchored next to a reef so looking forward to exploring that tomorrow.

We went for dinner at bloody Mary's which was awesome. They don't really ave a menu so they display the meat and fish on offer for that night and talk you  through the menu when you choose which you would like before you sit at the table. 

16th July
Today was one of the best days ever!! the weather is perfect. we took the rib out to a shallow part of the sea and a bag of dead fish. when we got in the water we were surrounded by gorgeous massive stingRays. They are quite intimidating at first as they swim right up onto you and they are huge! We fed them the fish and a couple of reef sharks swam around to have a look at what we were doing. 
After that amazing experience we went over to a reef where we were surrounded by 1000s of colourful fish. we had some bread with us too which they were eating out of our hands! brilliant day!

17th July
We Dropped the parents at beach for the morning. The beach they went to was amazing as the water was really shallow and clear for as far as you could see. During the afternoon Roysie had a go at steering the boat ( with close supervision of course!) and drove us around to another part of the lagoon to shallower water where we swam and relaxed for the afternoon. At Sunset we all piled in the rib with our alcohol to drive out to an island but unfortunately when we got there we were told to leave as it was  a private sland and the owner didnt wish to share it. Boo :-( so we just anchored the rib off their beach and watched the sunset with our drinks anyway. 

18th July
Horrible weather today!!!! We both went to the fuel dock to get some petrol for the tenders but the sea was so rough poor Paul ended up falling in when we were leaving :-(

19th July
Weather not so great to start again today. We had a sail around the main island and Stopped to have a look around and have a drink at one of the hotels. the hotel we ended up visiting was the St Regis which was amazing and very luxurious! This evening we went to st James' restaurant for dinner as st the parents last night on the boat :-(

20th July
Went to ferry dock this morning to say goodbye to the parents which was really sad to see them go.  We will see the britts again in the cook islands in a few days. we Prepped the boat for our passage to the Cook Islands for the rest of the day and said goodbye to bora bora. We wished we could have spent a few more days here.