15.06.2013 - 19.06.2013 Tahiti and Moorea

Fri 14 Jun 2013 23:00

15th June
We left Tahiti and sailed to Moorea. Moorea is a small island just across the water from Tahiti. it is so much more beautiful and unspoilt here with a number of major hotel chains dotted around the island with water bungalows. We anchored in beautiful clear shallow water. 

we decided to go for a walk to the ferry dock to buy our tickets for our return to Tahiti in a few days for our flight back to the uk. 
We have been struggling to find eggs recently so when we saw some in a bowl available in a local shop we couldn't believe our luck. I think we looked a bit strange to the Locals when we got so excited  by the sight of eggs! Anyway we carefully transported our eggs back to the boat where everyone was pleased to see some eggs as it meant that Charlie could make more of her yummy ice cream! 
Charlie took the eggs immediately as she wanted her ice cream to be ready for tonight's dessert. When she cracked the first egg she thought it was strange that it wouldn't crack very easily....so she tried another but the same thing happened. It turned out that we had bought hard boiled eggs!!!! Who sells hard boiled eggs for goodness sake! 

The search continues for eggs.....

16th June
Today we made a short sail around to Cooks Bay. Captain Cook actually anchored at the next bay along which is called something like Oponuhu Bay so maybe the name for that bay was already taken?? Anyway Cooks Bay is absolutely stunning! The bay goes right inland with soaring green mountains all around. 
We went snorkelling for the afternoon and stalked some dolphins but they didn't want to play with us.

17th June
Today lynsey Cleaned our cabin from top to bottom so its clean for when we come back from the uk. We are both really looking forward to going home and catching up with friends and family. We went for a drink  in lovely bar for the afternoon overlooking the lagoon.

18th June
We Washed the side of the boat today which was a giggle ' how dare work be fun!!!!' We just kept falling over in the dinghy as it was slippery from all the soapiness!

we took a Dinghy trip to an island in the afternoon which took us 2 hrs to get to as we kept getting trapped in the reef! It should have only taken us 20mins! We stopped on the way at the intercontinental resort to look at the dolphins swimming with the guests when two reef sharks turned up as well so was cool to have a snorkel with them too.

19th June
We have to catch our flight home today but this morning we had a drive moorea. on the way to the car lynsey managed to fall on a rock and badly graze her leg. she was more worried about her graze not looking good with her outfit shes planned to wear on the plane rather than the pain!!