04.06.2013 - 13.06.2013 Tahiti so far

Mon 3 Jun 2013 23:00

4th June
We Cleaned the boat after its salt scrub over the past couple of days! Explored Papeete town which is very busy, has a nice garden on the waterfront where we had a picnic. It's sooooo expensive though :-( 

5th June
Motored over to marina taina for engines to be serviced. Pottered doing odd jobs and Internet bits. Went for walk. To explore the area and Had the  best chocliest milkshake at most the picturesque McDonalds ever. It has a garden with views out to sea and has its own dinghy dock!

7th June
Cleaned boat all day ready for debs arrival on Sunday. 

8th June
Tony hired a car to drive around the island for the day. Beautiful scenery, valleys, blowhole, waterfalls, beach. Awesome! Nuff said...

9th June
Spotlessly cleaned boat for debs arrival. went to the bar for Happy hour as we deserved it after all the work to find there was no happy hour :-( so we had the drinks anyway!!! 
We were invited over to see a German family we had met. their boat was lovely and very homely.... And they had Lots of booze so we were very merry when we left ( when I say 'we' I mean Lynsey and Charlie!!!)
Charlie went to the airport with tony to pick up debs and sproggy. lynsey then decided to frantically mop the saloon floor while she was still drunk and smacked her head on the dining table - looney!! 

10th June
We went Wake boarding in the morning with sprigs and German boy from yesterday. Heis the same age as sprigs ;-)
He keeps calling for her to go and play with him and she runs and hides when she sees him coming lol! So we keep teasing her that he 'likes' her!!!

11th June 
Tried to visit the Lagoonarium today but it was closed due to the bad storm that was here a couple of weeks ago. It did look a bit bashed up and almost like all the sharks had escaped???
We went to a Sandbank in the middle of the sea for Sunset and drinks which was a really good giggle! 
When we got back us tipsy girls had a bit of a One direction, Katy perry and spice girl party - awesome!! 

12th June
Today is Tony's birthday. as he and debs had been in a hotel the previous two nights we Spent the morning cleaning and tidying boat.

We went ashore in the afternoon to the marina cafe to sip some nice coffee play on Internet.
The German family we met the other day came over to pan dai for drinks in the evening and to wish tony a happy birthday. 

We then all wenr ashore where we were treated to a metre long pizza for us all to share which was yummy!

13th June
As the Chisholm family went into town this morning, Paul was in charge to go to the fuel dock to refuel the boat! It went perfectly, and it was very calm going alongside so Lynsey is definitely now getting the hang of rope handling now. 

In the afternoon we went on a date, just the two of us, into town and had a picnic and lazy afternoon in the park. We had dinner at one of the food vans. The food van area is amazing. There are all sorts of street food to choose from but we went for steak and chips! Just like what we had in the tuamotos, it was a steak laid on a mountain of chips we both could not finish!! It was so busy as well as its just too expensive to eat elsewhere. The atmosphere was great with a local traditional band playing tunes. 

After our lovely afternoon we went to find the bus back....non existent! They stop running at 7pm! We ended up paying 5 x the amount the bus would have cost for a taxi which was more expensive than our dinner :-(

But we didn't let that spoil our lovely day together :-) 

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